USPTO grants UTILITY PATENT No. 8,475,459

This brings the total number of US Utility Patents to FOUR, alongside
No. 7,892,235
No. 8,162,945
No. 8,172,845

There are also Design Patents D523313 and D523398 as well as numerous foreign patents both granted and pending.

SURGIBIT is a revolutionary new surgical drill bit technology delivering superior results in orthopaedic surgery

SURGIBIT is a new surgical drill bit design offering enhanced outcomes for orthopaedic surgeons and their patients. The design provides surgeons with superior control, accuracy and performance.
This results in reduced damage, heat and trauma to the tissues and leads to faster operations, more first-time results and an overall improvement in post-surgery healing.

SURGIBIT addresses the most frequent problems encountered in drilling bone with standard drill bits

Common problems with drilling bone

How SURGIBIT provides an answer

Slippage, skiving and "walking of the drill bit"

SURGIBIT's patented design allows accurate drilling at up to 65 degrees without slippage.

Inaccurate drilling of
bone at angles

SURGIBIT's unique cutting tip lets surgeons cut at the point of contact to keep the drill on target. This superior cutting ability allows almost effortless drilling at almost any angle required.

Drill bit breakage

SURGIBIT's core tapering and superior drilling of the far cortex allows the accurate alignment of holes and easier placement of implants. It places less stress on the drill bit and virtually eliminates drill bit breakage.

Premature dulling of drill bits

SURGIBIT's revolutionary design lets it drill more holes with less force than current drill bit designs.

Poor control on breakthrough

SURGIBIT requires one third less axial load than current two-fluted designs. And the special tapered tip breaks through the far cortex with far less force. This gives surgeons superior control during the drilling process and minimises damage to the bone and periosteum.

Excessive heat causing damage to bone and tissues

In laboratory studies using the latest thermal imaging techniques, SURGIBIT consistently produced less heat during drilling. This helps preserve the integrity of the bone and surrounding tissues.

These problems mean

  • Increased risk to patients
  • Decreased accuracy implanting orthopaedic devices
  • Increased risk of implant failure
  • Longer surgery times
  • Longer anaesthesia times
  • Increased patient recovery times
  • Increased overall costs

With SURGIBIT you achieve

  • Reduced risk to patients
  • Greater accuracy and success of orthopaedic implants
  • Shorter surgery times
  • Fewer drill bits consumed
  • Reduced post-operative trauma and healing time
  • Overall cost savings to hospital

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SURGIBIT is accurate at angles up to 65 degrees

Surgeons can now approach bone at almost any angle required in orthopaedic surgery:(demonstration using perspex tube)
Competitor orthopaedic drill bit
The SURGIBIT orthopaedic drill bit is scientifically designed for superior control drilling through bone

SURGIBIT generates less heat

SURGIBIT produces less heat during bone drilling.*

SURGIBIT generates less heat when drilling through bone. This helps preserve the integrity of the bone and leads to an overall improvement in post-operative healing and implant fixation.

SURGIBIT offers better drilling performance and control

SURGIBIT offers greater control on breakthrough of the far cortex.

The award-winning design behind SURGIBIT

SURGIBIT is a surgical drill bit technology developed and patented by Orthopedic Innovation Pty Ltd. in Sydney, Australia. It won the 2003 Australian Design Award in Engineering Design.

SURGIBIT is trademarked and IP protected with international patents granted and pending.

*"The SURGIBIT design results in less damage, less heat and less trauma to tissues. This can be hypothesised to result in an overall improvement in healing at the site of drilling."

W R Walsh - PhD. Professor, Director, Orthopaedic Research Laboratories, Department of Surgery, Prince of Wales Clinical School, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Evaluation and testing

SURGIBIT has been thoroughly evaluated and tested by the Orthopaedic Research Laboratories at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and has been subjected to extensive clinical evaluation by major international orthopaedic companies.

Widely used and available in the USA

The SURGIBIT technology has been introduced into the mainstream US market where it is receiving high acclaim and sales growth.

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